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Wall shelf "Fungus" shelf

Wall shelf "Fungus" shelf

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An organic shelf that "grows" from your wall.

If you need a small shelf for anything you want to make visible every day (like a small plant) this is the one for you.

You can either screw or glue it onto your wall. There are various glue or tape products for wall fixation out there. I used 3M Tape.

Diameter of the two screw holes: 5,5mm

Size assembled: 80 mm x 115 mm x 105 mm

wall shelf

A shelf with a modern design

You can place small pots, keys and more on it


80 x 115 x 105 millimeters

Screw thickness: 5 millimeters

It can also be stuck to the wall with double-sided adhesive

(The packaging does not include glue and screws)

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Recycled from corn starch that is printed with a 3D printer